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Ahhhh, I love being back to the web version 1.0, so simple and clean to publish when compared to social media.  I actually missed the basic HTML. I do have a very significant twitter presence, anonymous to all. Maybe, some day in the distant future, I'll link it here.  Much to soon with all that's occurring.



We can't have success without discussing the subject of failure.  Some might call it making mistakes.

I will be the first to shout "I've failed so many times!"

When working with students most of what you see are mistakes and errors in math equations, spelling, and so on.  Yet those wrong problems psychologically define our tolerance to failure along with the mental balance of "Should we quit?" versus "Let's keep trying."

Hell!  The idea of trial-and-error usually has an overwhelming error factor ascribed to it. Yet it's still used by even less than capable teachers or individuals.  After all, it's possible you'll accidentally solve a problem by mistake.

The real question you need to ask yourself is how many times can you endure "failure".  Indeed, how many times should you fail before giving up?  I'd argue I'm drenched with the stench of failure.

You know what?  The stench of failure is rampant on the most successful of people.  The basketball player that made millions of dollars missed 100% of his shots, in the beginning.  The carpenter could not drive a single nail with skill, initially.  The flute player could not play a single note at the start.

Why would a 40 year old person, arguably experienced in life, decide to go for it, and make the decision to go to college and become a _________?  This person likely knows what failure is all about. Yet wants to do more, and likely knows (by virtue of life experience) that with some practice and study, will do more in life.

Often failure defines our lives far more than success.

Occasionally, success defines our lives far more than failure.

Much love for everyone trying, feel free to message me if you break through, break free, and manage to get to the moon with success!


I love it when a movie takes a risk and has characters sing a musical or cover song!  The movie Captain Fantastic is an odd yet compelling story about how a family did things differently by choice. Make no mistake, it's a great movie. Yet nobody really knows about it since it is an oddball. Best of all, towards the end is a great cover song/video. If you really want to know why the end of this music video has a really weird toilet flush scene with the little girl saying "Bye Mommy", you've got to watch it!!

Sweet Child O'Mine - Captain Fantastic Cover

Secrets to success?  I once argued that making the difficult or impossible, small enough, so that it can be "possible" was the way to go.  Such painful dribble when you can barely keep your eyes open after 60+ hours of working!

I'm sure there's still some miserly meat on the bone left for current generations. But we'd all be fighting for the same miserable meat on the bone that's all but gone.

We have to try to break-away from the crowd when looking for the opportunities.  The caveman with his tribe, living in a dank cave, wants to explore over the next hill to see what's out there.  The cave tribe would have the caveman stay to protect the tribe.  But what's over the next hill?  Curiosity, a desire to break free and explore the possibilities, must exist to start our future opportunistic path. 

We all know that there is something over the next horizon.  We simply have to find it and work towards it.  Seldom is it easy.

Enter paradigm shifts.  Horse to car.  Train to plane.  Wall phone to cell phone.  X-ray to MRI.  The resistance on those shifts were often huge.  Any fool can see the subtle shifts but how to capitalize on this?  Did you financially benefit on any of the above?  Did you take the risk? Or did you just coast along in your 9 to 5 job that's rapidly being called: slave-wage-landia.

The topic of success is far from over.


Such a fun cover song these two cranked out. Their accents are cute.  May the snows and rains end by spring!  I never did post during the holidays. 

Baby It's Cold Outside - Cover by Lewis Watson and Dodie

Happy Valentine's Day!!


If you've ever read the book and watched the movie, you'll know every single line like I did. Yes, I did raise my hand while singing it when this gem played on Stranger Things.

NeverEnding Story Scene - Stranger Things S3

Folks she's just out of my reach, so close, sooo close. Tantalizingly close.
You can always call me any time! ;)
Call Me - Blondie (IMY2 Cover)

Happy New Year 2023! It's going to be the best one yet!!
Catch Pitbull's tour, very very worth the while!

Fireball - Pitbull

In Honor of the 2022 World Cup!
Shakira - La La La (English)

Enrique Igelsias - Bailando (Spanish)

Enrique Igelsias - Bailando (English)

Camila Cabello - Havana